Flag of the Czech,The Czech Republic

National Flag
The Czech Republic national flag with two horizontal stripes of white over red with a blue triangle at the hoist. It has a width-to-length ratio of 2 to 3.
Adopted on: March 30, 1920 Proportion: 2:3 Designed by: Jaroslav Kursa Country: Czechia
The national flag is rectangular and the ratio of length to width is 3:2. The flag is composed of three colors, blue, white and red, which Slavic people like. The left side is a blue isosceles triangle, and the right side is two equal trapezoids with white top and red bottom. The hometown of Czechs is the ancient kingdom of Bohemia. The color of this kingdom is red and white. White represents holiness and purity, symbolizing the peoples pursuit of peace and light; red represents the spirit of courage and fearlessness; blue comes from the original colors of Moravia and Slovak provincial badges.

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